Web Article - 10 JDK 7 Features to Revisit, Before You Welcome Java 8

1) Type inference2) String in Switch
3) Automatic Resource Management
4) Fork Join Framework
5) Underscore in Numeric literals
6) Catching Multiple Exception Type in Single Catch Block
7) Binary Literals with prefix "0b"
8) Java NIO 2.0
9) G1 Garbage Collector
10) More Precise Rethrowing of Exception

Web Article - Java ZIP File Example

In this tutorial see how to ZIP a file in Java.
ZIP is an archive file format that enables data compression and it is mostly used on files and folders. A ZIP file may contain one or more compressed files or folders. Many compression algorithms have been used by several ZIP implementations, which are ubiquitous in many platforms. It is also possible to store a file in a ZIP archive file without compressing it.


Designing Java EE Applications in the Age of CDI

"Even though CDI has been available since the end of 2009, most people still do not realize its full power and the possibilities it brings. Attend this session to understand which CDI features make it excel in comparison with other dependency-injection-based solutions and see how they can be used to design flexible applications and frameworks that will stand the test of time.

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Source: Oracle Learning Library

Java SE 8 available

Highlights include the following (source)

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