20 Boas Práticas a usar no HTML

Existem muitos bons artigos pelo mundo global, e encontrei um que fala sobre as 20 boas práticas que devemos seguir quando estamos a usar o HTML.

1. Always Declare a Doctype
2. Use Meaningful Title Tags
3. Use Descriptive Meta Tags
4. Use Divs to Divide Your Layout into Major Sections
5. Separate Content from Presentation
6. Minify and Unify CSS
7. Minify, Unify and Move Down JavaScript
8. Use Heading Elements Wisely
9. Use the Right HTML Element at the Right Place
10. Don’t Use Divs for Everything
11. Use an Unordered List (ul) for Navigation
12. Close Your Tags
13. Use Lower Case Markup
14. Use Alt Attributes with Images
15.Use Title Attributes with Links (When Needed)
16. Use Fieldset and Labels in Web Forms
17.Use Modular IE Fixes
18.Validate Your Code
19. Write Consistently Formatted Code
20. Avoid Excessive Comments

É um artigo bem interessante e que poderão lê-lo na integra aqui.

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