Introduction to Spring Integration and Spring Batch

In this session you will learn what Spring Integration and Spring Batch are all about, how they differ, their commonalities, and how you can use Spring Batch and Spring Integration together. 

We will provide a short overview of the Enterprise Integration Patterns (EIP) as described in the highly influential book of the same name. Based on these patterns, we will then see how Spring Integration enables the development of Message-driven applications. This allows you to not only modularize new or existing applications but also makes it easy to integrate with external systems. 

This session will also introduce Spring Batch. Spring Batch addresses the needs of any batch process, be it complex calculations in large financial institutions or simple data migration tasks as they exist in many software development projects. We will cover what Spring Batch is, how Spring approaches the concepts of batch and how Spring handles scaling batch processes to be able to handle any volume of data. You will also see how Spring Integration and Spring Batch maximize the reuse of the integration support provided by the core Spring Framework. In addition to providing a robust, proven foundation, this also flattens the learning curve considerably to all developers already familiar with Spring.

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