Web Article - Some Interview Questions to Hire a Java EE Developer

"Some examples of interview questions that check the knowledge of the candidate based on his/her experience. The questions were formulated to verify whether the candidate is capable of fulfilling the role of a Java enterprise applications developer." 


1. Can you give some examples of improvements in the Java EE5/6 specification in comparison to the J2EE specification?
2. Considering two enterprise systems developed in different platforms, which good options do you propose to exchange data between them?
3. What do you suggest to implement asynchronous code in Java EE?
4. Can you illustrate the use of Stateless Session Bean, Stateful Session Bean and Singleton Session Bean?
5. What is the difference between queue and topic in a message queuing system?
6. Which strategies do you consider to import and export XML content?
7. Can you list some differences between a relational model and an object model?
8. What is the difference between XML Schema, XSLT, WSDL and SOAP?
9. How would you configure an environment to maximize productivity of a development team?

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