Jodd - The Unbearable Lightness of Java

Jodd is set of Java micro frameworks, tools and utilities, under 1.5 MB. Designed with common sense to make things simple, but not simpler. Get things done. Build your beautiful ideas. Run your startup. And enjoy the coding.

Jodd utilities
BeanUtil - fastest bean manipulation library around.
Cache - set of common cache implementation.
Printf - formatted value printing, as in C.
JDateTime - elegant usage and astronomical precision in one time-manipulation class.
Type Converter - converting types.
StringUtil - more then 100 of additional String utilities.
StringTemplateParser - simple string template parser.
Finding, scanning, walking files - few easy ways.
Class finder - find classes on classpath.
Wildcard - using wildcards.
Servlets - various servlets-related tools.
Jodd tag library - new power to the JSP.
Form tag - automagically populates forms.
Class loading in Jodd - great ways for loading classes.
Fast buffers - really fast appendable storage.
Include-Exclude rules - small rule engine for filtering resources.

Jodd tools
Email - sending and receiving emails.
Props - enhanced Properties replacement.
HTTP - tiny, raw HTTP client.
Methref - strongly-typed method name references.
SwingSpy - inspection of swing component hierarchy.

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