JBoss Forge - how to use it and extend the functionality

Instalation in Eclipse: Search for "JBoss Tools (Luna)" in Eclipse via:
Help > Eclipse Marketplace...

After instalation open Forge Console and you can create new project with:
[no project] workspace $ new-project --named my-forge-app --topLevelPackage com.example.app

create webapp
[my-forge-app] my-forge-app $ scaffold setup
[my-forge-app] my-forge-app $ persistence setup --provider HIBERNATE --container JBOSS_AS7
[my-forge-app] my-forge-app $ entity --named Person
[my-forge-app] Person.java $ field string --named firstName
[my-forge-app] Person.java $ field string --named lastName
[my-forge-app] Person.java $ field int --named age
[my-forge-app] Person.java $ scaffold from-entity

This will generate the CRUD pages for your model:
scaffold from-entity ~.model.* --scaffoldType faces --overwrite; 

More information in emiliosimoes.blogspot.pt or JBoss Forge tutorial

Instalation in NetBeans


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